32 and loving it….

Apologies for my recent absence from the blogosphere, I’ve been busy turning 32 years old.

32. Actually I demand a recount. I feel exactly the same every morning before I open my eyes as I did when I was 12.

Anyway, it was as good as a birthday could get. Check out my cake. My girlfriend Nikki organised a birthday dinner for me and two other exacting Virgo friends and got the talented pastry chef at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT to make this delectable bijou confection which apparently took 5 days to make.

These are my girls. Rock the kazbah honeys!

Post dinner, we adjourned to Ku de Ta upstairs where our husbands were waiting keenly to be graced by our divine goddess presences… Oh fine, actually they were lying about on the sofas giggling like drunken schoolgirls and throwing things at each other when we came in.

The view from the balcony is always a beauty and makes me feel patriotic in a way our national anthem can only hope to evoke.

Don’t even ask me what this monstrous bottle was, but I’m sure a significant portion of it made its way into my bloodstream.

I was slightly petrified of cutting the cake but someone had to do it. And it was rather yummy inside, raspberry sponge and all.

The Irishman was especially thoughtful this year (I suspect my being away in Byron Bay before my birthday greatly helped his appreciation of my value as he had his hands full with the two bratty ones over the weekend) and showered me with a whole array of treats ranging from the exquisite (jewellery, bien sur) to the practical (riding club membership) to the faintly ridiculous (sous vide machine with accompanying vacumn packing machine thingy).

Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I’m looking forward to another great year of adventure with all of you!


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