Finn’s Volcano Birthday Party

Finn just had his 5th Birthday Party – the Volcano Edition! Did I mention Finn is obsessed with Volcanos? It’s getting hard to keep track of his crazes- a few of his recent ones – Angry Birds, Venus Fly Traps, Blue Tarantulas (very specific, only Blue ones allowed), the imaginary planet SaturnMars, Skully the bandanna-wearing parrot from Jake & the Pirates….

Boys!!!! At least Dylan’s interests are consistent and can be summed up in one work. “PIIINK!”

Anyway I managed to find these party organisers from Mad Science to plan Finn’s Volcano themed party. They did a great job and put on a show which involved flaming dollarbills (a banker friend commented a trifle sadly “So bull market…”), slime-making, bubbles filled with dry ice and such…. They asked Finn if he had anything to say to the crowd and he said “Yes”. The scientist asked what it was, and Finn said “KABOOM!”

As you can see, the kids had a great time

These were guns which ejected wobbly foam bubbles which collapsed and emitted white smoke. Finn wanted one on his head. Phillip Treacy would be proud.


Slimy fun!

The cake was a magnificent chocolate fondant confection with a volcano formed out of chocolate rice bubbles. There was a hollow in the middle where the scientists inserted molten jello and dry ice to make it errupt with flowing lava.

It took two grownups to tackle the ninja-like Dylan Leahy when she spotted the cake.

The errupting cake. I love Dylan’s awe-stricken look.

The kids were suitably impressed.

Finn had lots of fun. He loved having his friends there and that was his favourite part about the party – hanging out with all his mates. The school principal told me he marched up to her and demanded that she sent a mass email to the whole school inviting them to his party “even the babies in pre-Nursery”. She thought it was hilarious. Finn was dead serious.

After the party, he practised his skills on his lovely new blue bike from Grandma Florence and my brothers fixed up an electric lego train set from us and watched it go round and round on the living room carpet. Thank goodness for Lego-assembling brothers! You should see the state of my cuticles from a week of Lego…

He was happy opening a couple of presents so we thought we’d just save the presents for later so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

Later on that night after he had gone to bed, I tucked the Skully parrot soft toy which he had asked for (and I had to order from the US) under his blanket so that he would see it in the morning when he got up.

And I was awoken by a 1000 megawatt smile the next morning and Finn’s excited tale of how Skully came down the chimney and landed in his bedroom.

I managed to get a video of the little man telling me the story… It’s super sweet and I love the part when I ask him if Skully flew down the chimney and he says seriously, no, Gravity pulled him down….

One thought on “Finn’s Volcano Birthday Party

  1. That is the cutest video of Finn! Love his imagination.
    I must let him know that green vegetables are super excellent for sight.
    LOL Pauline xox

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