finn’s fancy dress day

Finn had a fancy dress day at his school and nanny M mad him this uber-cool Thomas the Tank Engine cardboard outfit complete with turning wheels and a Finn licence plate on his back.
He was really pleased that Mark and I sent him to school, especially since Daddy decided to rediscover his inner child and spent ages teaching the children inappropriate things like how to shoot each other with rubber bands etc. The teachers finally had to kick him out… Don’t quit the day job yet Dad!

Mama and her kittens

The kids are overwhelmed by the awesomeness of Finn’s outfit

Chooo chooo!

Meanwhile, Dylan finds two powder bottles and proceeds to stomp everywhere announcing that she is “POWDERWING BUM BUM NAPPY!!!!”

Finn and Daddy decide who to shoot rubber bands at….

Finn helps Daddy with a perplexing puzzle ….

Ta da!!! A rocket ship!

Dylan tries her hand at painting – note the tongue poking out – my mother and I refer to this as the Mark Leahy Tongue (a protrusion of the tongue tip which appears whenever performing a task which requires much concentration, such as painting, combing one’s hair or wondering where one has left his wallet) which has curiously manifested itself in Sean and Dylan but NOT in Finn (small mercies!)

Look at my masterpiece!

Dylan adds the finishing touches to her painting before being swiftly airlifted off to wash her grubby face….

Next week, we are off to Singapore and Bali, and we return to Australia on Oct 4th as Permanent Residents!


2 thoughts on “finn’s fancy dress day

  1. What a marvelous Thomas outfit! How on earth did Dylan not get paint on her clothes as well.

  2. that is just gorgeous. Finn looks very pleased with himself & Dylan just gorgous. Mark’s right at home too! Beautiful pics. Enjoy your trip. I think a welcome-home-to-your-permanent home party could be in order. K x

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