Sing a happy song…

The little ones are obsessed with Smurfs now. Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how many chi-chi French toys, quirky-cool Japanese illustrated books or Neil Gaiman comics you inundate them with, eventually Mass Media always has its wicked way…. Although there is something slighty subversive about The Smurfs – the way “smurfing” sounds quite rude, the magic mushroom references, the fact that there’s only ONE Smurfette for the whole lot of them, I could go on….

Anyway Finn will eat anything with mushrooms in it or if it’s called a Potion or One of Papa Smurf’s Spells and Dylan spends all her time trying to paint herself blue. Literally.

My mother was just remarking how funny it was to see the kids singing the Smurfs theme tune because she remembers myself and my brother going through the same phase nearly 30 years ago! Ahh, those golden Sunday mornings when Channel 5 (one of our TWO English TV channels) would broadcast cartoons and Aksi Mat Yoyo (some weird kids programme hosted by a Malay mutant human-cat hybrid). My brother Darryll and I would sit with our sweaty legs stuck to the maroon PVC floor cushions rapt while eating our Chickadees.

Now I thought that I’d bring 4 year old Finn to watch the new Smurfs movie since Dylan is a bit young (and LOUD!) to sit in a movie theatre for 2 hours, but when Dylan found out about the movie plot she absolutely flipped and has launched a non-stop campaign for toddler movie privileges.

Note – I don’t know what the “plbt plbt plbt” tongue thing in the video is about and I’m not sure I want to know!

2 thoughts on “Sing a happy song…

  1. You are of course aware that Smurfette isn’t really a smurf? She’s a robot. Or a clone whose genetics have been altered by Gargamel?

  2. I was shocked when I saw how well the Smurfs movie was doing at the box office. I loved the cartoon as a kid, but the movie looked atrocious! I guess not everybody feels the same way.

    Love the polka dot and red bow outfit!

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