21 things I’ve learnt at 32

Well I can’t be 21 again but I can offer 21 nuggets of wisdom I’ve garnered this year…

1.) The key to successful parenting is learning the art of the verbal full stop.

2.) Tasmania is not a real country

3.) In the Countryside will ask you “so when are you going to get your OWN horse” the same way people in Singapore ask you “so when are you going to get a REAL job” – i.e. with genuine concern and faint overtones of derision

4.) What others think of you is none of your business

5.) Be best friends with your husband. No, really.

6.) The most useful vibrating appliance is a Clarisonic facebrush. And the best and cheapest body lotion is coconut oil from the supermarket.

7.) Anger is not something you can work out in your head, it’s something that has to come out of your body

8.) Mama was right – Chinese medicine IS superior to Western medicine

9.) When you have unexpected vegetarians to feed – mushroom quesadillas with hummus or soba noodles with sesame seeds and nori are easy options

10.) Most women turn into their mothers. I on the other hand, am metamorphosing into my dad and I don’t give a toss, just like him. See you at Zouk later Pops!

11.) Never be a skeptic about the septic

12.) Curiosity is a very charming quality

13.) Shopping advice from my friend MZ “Stop buying basics! You’re not a basics person!”

14.) Fire extinguishers are pretty damn important things to have around

15.) When people on the Peninsula talk about looking at horse porn, they do not mean what you think they mean…

16.) Messy hair at 18 looks cute. Messy hair at 32 looks deranged.

17.) A successful dinner party is more about the company than the food

18.) Essential appointments to keep – Therapy, Massage, Exercise. In that order.

19.) Turn off everything digital one hour before bedtime. Better still – get off the cocaine pellet dispenser style of doing email and batch process twice a day.

20.) The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.

21.) Don’t judge your feelings, sit with them.

One thought on “21 things I’ve learnt at 32

  1. 4.) What others think of you is none of your business — So true, and yet so hard to remember it’s true.

    And yes, you are not a basics girl!

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