Tea with the Mad Hatter…

So my friend Jade calls me up this morning to invite me to the Polo finals this afternoon. I love horses so I was definitely up for it. Unfortunately, I realised that I had left all my big girly hats at the farmhouse in Oz, so I sent out a fashion emergency SMS to my lovely friends, and managed to borrow a rather dramatic Jack Sparrow-esque fascinator off Meizee and scrambled to put together some halfway presentable outfit.

We rocked up to the Polo Club promptly at 3.30 p.m. and started hunting high and low for the marquee. Quite a low key event we thought! Or everyone is late! Turns out that Jade had gotten the date wrong (insert canned laughter).

Unfazed, we decided to have a very overdressed prata and beer high tea instead and watch the polo practice. It was just as much fun to catch up for a girly gab anyway, and I’m sure we gave several club members a good laugh!

Finn thought that my Angry Birds costume was terrific!

That’s how us fashionistas roll…

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