Happy 4th Birthday Finn Finn!!!

Finn had such a wonderful 4th birthday. Firstly, we were awoken in the morning by a very weird noise that sounded like a coughing chainsaw. The Irishman looked out of the window and saw a magnificent peacock right outside in our garden, the first one we’ve ever seen in our area!

Finn has always had this strange thing about him, he attracts coincidences like a magnet. Ever since young, he’s always been able to spot monkeys, monitor lizards, parrots in places where no one had ever seen wildlife. Or he would go to the park and say, “I want two Chinook helicopters to fly across the sky now!” and you’d try for ages to convince him that it was a crazy request, and then just on the way back home at the last minute, in the carpark, you’d see two helicopters thwop-thwopping their way overhead and he would give you a smug I-told-you-so smile. My mom is convinced he’s her extra lucky good fortune charm…

On top of attracting animals, he’s also a big hit with the girls…. or so he hopes…

Giving all the girls at his birthday party special attention….

And then there was a treasure hunt…. Dylan was the first to find the chocolate, unsurprisingly…

Yay, a bunny wabbit!

And a huge surprise lay in wait in the garden….

What could it be???

A brand new battery powered John Deere ride-on tractor with trailer, auto transmission, gearbox and a working radio, which Finn immediately got to tuning, while all the kids were screaming “Press the pedal!! Drive the thing!!!”

The tractor was a big hit and the kids squabbled over who got to ride it for the rest of the afternoon….

Except for Dylan who isn’t a big fan of moving things and loud noises!

Hmm, what’s that dark object at the very top of the 8 metre tall tree in our courtyard? Could it be the peacock?

Why, it’s a little howler monkey! The Irishman and I were so freaked out by the fact that Grace had climbed all the way to the top of this extremely frail tulip tree, a good 8 metres up in the air! And even more freaked out by the fact that her parents weren’t bothered in the slightest….

This is how tall the tree is!

I nearly fainted as well….

Other than that heart-palpitating incident, it was such a pleasant afternoon, sunny but cool in the shade.

Finn was absolutely thrilled with his party and went to bed very contentedly with a room full of presents, all hugged-out and filled with bliss. Happy birthday my beautiful boy, you’re such a ray of sunshine in our lives!

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