My little hero!

well the spectre of the dead rat is now long gone (Very Expensive Carpenter managed to evict a nest of them in the remnants of a old fireplace under the floorboards), but obviously the legend of the rodent lives on in Finn’s world….


fyi, “Piak” is the Singaporean Onomatopoeic word for hitting something vigorously. As in “Don’t you dare Piak your sister on the head Finn!”

2 thoughts on “My little hero!

  1. oh Finn is so cute and so determinated…love your little video as i had also a great smile reading your previous post, well from my end it looked funny but i wouldn’t like to be in this position but i guess the problem is resolved..
    A bientot

    • Thanks Virginie! Everything is fine now and we are in fact considering turning the formerly rat-occupied real estate below our house into a wine cellar!

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