A weekend with good friends, horses and wine….

I’m missing my dear friend Meizee who flew back to Singapore today after spending three weeks in our neck of the woods. Meizee makes me feel normal in a part of the world which is somewhat devoid of sartorial glamour. People take the piss out of me all the time for wearing fur to the local pub, slashed leather jodphurs to my riding lessons and full make-up to everything. In fact, one of my friends regularly drops by just to check out what “outfit” I’m wearing around the house.

Meizee is my type of girl. She wears crimson military jackets to breakfast, shops like a tasmanian devil and possesses an extensive filthy vocabulary. She can hang in my kitchen anytime.

On our last weekend together, we went to the Between the Bays music fest, but as it was a sweltering 35 degrees, we didn’t last long. Especially since I was wearing black leather and sweating in unmentionable areas.

This is the extremely cute Olly, Meizee’s youngest (of 3!) and Finn. It was really cute to see them playing together and engaging in incomprehensible dialogue. “No you are the milky poopoo kaka!”

We took the kids over to Kate’s place for pony rides and our neighbours Anne & Rick joined in the fun…

Kate’s new stables are to die for. MZ was so amazed by the fact that everyone had so many horses here (the average is about 5 a family), and thought horses were the Peninsula equivalent of having a bicycle…that shits….

Dylan, wearing my clothes again. Spot a trend?

Even little Olly, Dylan and Finn had a go.

Finn enjoyed it so much that Kate thinks that Minx (the pony he’s riding on) may just be Finn’s little pony in a few years from now, once her son has grown out of him. Rascal and Minx, that would be a pair!

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