Trash & Treasure hunting at Tyabb

I had to go to Tyabb the other day to pick up some equestrian supplies, and decided to pop into The Vintage Shed to do some treasure hunting. Lookie lookie, what I got for my cookies!

A very heavy and cool train sign for Finn’s room. Although I’m too lazy to figure out where it should go yet, so it’s brightening up the mudroom for now.

Some vintage wooden tennis racquets for lawn tennis…

A funky little leopard print book rack for Dylan’s room… oh how she loves her leopard print, and I’ve been feeling terribly guilty since I threw all her leopard pacifiers into the trash to wean her off that terrible habit…

And lastly, a very cute white and blue wicker pram which has gotten so much use since it’s been home. Dylan and Finn squabble over who gets to trundle this through the house everyday.

So far, Wicker Pram has played the role of baby carriage to Finn’s stuffed “sheep baby” (a very high-maintenance game… “Shhh! Rock the sheep baby to sleep mama! Sing the sheep baby a song mama!”), the wheelbarrow for the Fruit & Veggie market game, been the wheelchair to the wounded Sister Monkeys with Broken Legs, a High-speed Wobbly Ambulance, and Thomas the Tank’s long lost friend Little Caboose.

Phew! That’s a lot of value for the $15 or so that it cost!

2 thoughts on “Trash & Treasure hunting at Tyabb

  1. oh…thank you so much for shopping at our stall at the Vintage Shed, we had this lovely train sign and the leopard basket, so happy that they go to a lovely home…

    • wow, what a small world! everyone who’s seen the train sign loves it, you have a fabulous stall, thanks!

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