what we did this weekend…

Well, we were delighted to have Sean back from his Hong Kong trip. Now that he’s back on baby duty, we can go back to sleeping in on weekends…. We missed you Sean!

Finn & Dylan decided to try to unroll every single fern in the garden….


And to blow all the dandelion clocks they could find….

The little man with his curly locks…. I don’t know why the Irishman loves putting Finn in this stripey red shirt so much. When I look at my photos, it’s as if he only has one shirt! And I can assure you this is not the case – he has such an extensive wardrobe that my housecleaner and nanny have ganged up and forbade me from buying any more kids clothes.

Of course I invoked the “Chinese New Year Exemption” and ordered them a whole pile of vintage themed red goodies. Like Dylan’s red dress below…

What’s Dylan munching on now? Well at the time of press, she had consumed about half her weight in sugar plums, which are on special offer in our orchard now….

They are unbelievably sweet. I think I’m ruined now that I have tasted our produce, I can never eat supermarket plums again. Or raspberries, blackberries and cherries for that matter.


Mark bought me this little wrought iron bench last year as a surprise. And planted three of these beautiful chartreuse trees in a special “reading grove” that he made for me at the edge of our forest. We sat on it for the first time today and had a little tan while the kids were running about the vineyard.

And this is Finn’s latest obsession – Biscuit Bear by Mimi Grey. It is a hilarious and beautifully illustrated book about a spunky little bear and his rascally adventures in the kitchen. I was looking for more Mimi Grey books on Amazon and realised that it’s called Ginger Bear in the US. Do Americans not know what biscuits are?

Here’s Finn, rolling out pastry to make his own Biscuit Bear.

I really have to hand it to Nanny S. She comes up with cute activities based on whatever the kids are crazy about at the moment, and never seems to be bothered by the cleaning up.

For example, the other day, Dylan asked Nanny S if she could bring her stuffed toy Cat Cat into bath, and Nanny S shrugged and said “well, I suppose it’s time she had a bath”, and Dylan ended up having her entire menagerie floating about in suds….

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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