Best Valentine’s Brekkie ever!

The Irishman has really outdid himself this time. I was feeling so rotten this morning bcos I had some heartburny-insomnia thing last night and ended up taking 2 antihistamine pills at 5 in the morning to help me sleep. But I woke up to this gorgeous Japanese breakfast on a tray, handmade by the Irishman who knows how much I love Japanese breakfasts (and how much I detest Western-style breakfasts. EGGS. CEREAL. MUESLI. BORING!!!!).

Obviously I’m a fussy cow because I had to ask him for some toasted nori and soy sauce as well, but it was so delicious I think I’ll be dreaming about that breakfast for a long time.

The leggy purple orchid on the tray… And the Irishman saying NO PICS! EAT YOUR BREAKFAST ALREADY AND STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF IT!!! Bloody bloggers huh!

And I also got a present of these vintage tin letters – the husband was trying to spell LOVE but they didn’t have a V, so the lady in the shop suggested that he take an A first, and put it upside down while she hunts around for a V. How cute….

And the little man came home from school waving a huge valentine. Gave it to me. And then decided to give his little sister a smack, which necessitated me spraying a can of Major Whoop-ass on him. Not to mention our cleaner found 2 tiny but too-large-to-be-mouse turds under his bed. WTF??! Oh well! Life’s not perfect! Happy Valentine’s day rascals!

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