Chilling out at Flinders…

Finn had his first day at a new school in a small town called Flinders today. Flinders is a quaint, sleepy little place with timber buildings, antiques shops and general stores. It also happens to be home to many reclusive mega-millionaires on the Peninsula who have their own helipads, adding to the weirdness quotient.

I’m lucky that Finn and Dylan both love going to school as I started them young (around 18 months) at unaccompanied Montessori groups. They do get a bit clingy at drop-off but are soon distracted and it is me who finds excuses to linger, smearing on sunscreen on their chubby cheeks and slapping hats on their curls while they scurry about reacquainting themselves with toys….

On Wednesdays, the Flinders church holds a charming music class for toddlers and tots. The church is a beautiful gothic brick building surrounded by towering pines.

I love the bottle-green glass windows.

Old hardware always appeals to me.

This is the backyard behind the church where all the kids spill out onto after music class, riding around on trikes and chasing the resident black lab puppies while the mums drink tea and have a muffin worry.

It’s a lovely community, full of charm and secrets and I look forward to having morning tea there this year after the school drop-off.

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