Blast from the Past: Finn’s modelling days…

I was just clearing up the hard drive and found these old modelling shots of Finn, aged 18 months. These were taken from a photo shoot for Young Parents magazine – the theme was technology and Finn was given a PSP to hold and drool on to.

I remember Finn being so chubby that they didn’t manage to do up the crotch buttons on his dungarees, as you can see in the photo below. Finn was such a pro, the whole shoot was wrapped up in about 5 minutes. I got some calls afterwards from modelling agencies wanting to sign him on, but I wasn’t super-keen. He’s enough of a diva already!

Hello?? Can you call my agent? I’m a little busy at the moment!

* I can’t remember the name of the photographer, but he was kind enough to pass me a CD of all the shots. I’m sure someday Finn will be horrified that I posted these on the blog and require much therapy on a Le Corbusier couch….

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