Happy Year of the Rabbit!

We hosted dinner for 20 at our house to celebrate Chinese New Year. The weather forecast was abysmal as storms were pounded Victoria and Queensland, so I ordered a marquee for the garden, stuck a chilli and shallot skewer into the ground (something my mother always used to do as a superstition to ward off bad weather), and hoped for the best.

Dylan gave me a good luck kiss which cheered me up.

In the end, we had a few drizzles, but were happy and steamy under the tent. It was a great night.

We started the dinner with the customary Chinese New Year Yu Sheng fish toss. This is a tradition where you mix together many “auspicious” ingredients on a platter, reciting traditional blessings for each ingredient that is added (for example, when you add the shreds of pomelo, you say “may the earth be sprinkled with gold”) and then everyone has a go at tossing the salad while saying “Lo Hei!” (may your fortunes rise).

The higher you toss the ingredients, the more your fortune is said to rise. The Aussies really got into this with vigor, and several people were picking fish out of their hair for ages afterwards…

Mark opened a special Leoville Las Cases for the occasion. Really divine.

I made dumplings, my family’s special pakoras, beef rendang, roasted pork with crackling (the Irishman’s contribution) and claypot rice. Friends brought a beautiful green papaya salad, lots of tasty desserts and booze….

After the party…. dimming the lights…

Giving the dog a cuddle…

And kicking off those heels after 10 hours of trotting!

This tired rabbit is going to bed…

3 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Rabbit!

  1. Wow ! That was a real grand celebration. I like the way the marquee looks. You should have planted 3 to 4 of the chillies on shallots sticks all round the garden. One is not potent enough !

  2. Oops ! i forgot to add that you look super gorgeous and elegant in your cheong-sam !

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