Just a little something that I whipped together…. ahem

No kidding, how insane is this cake! My friend Meizee is in town, ensconced in my Southbank apartment, visiting for 3 weeks while she does a cake course in Melbourne. She made this beautiful 30kg beast over 3 days, and brought it down to our place in the countryside for a dinner party yesterday and we had it for dessert.

Yes, this beauty literally took the cake and everyone’s breath away. I’m so glad that my friends here can finally get off my case now that I’ve found a even better prime specimen for overachieving – my dear friend Meizee, who is not only gorgeous and still gets carded at discos, but is also mother to three children and single-handedly runs a successful cupcake & dessert catering business. And of course the real reason I adore MZ is because, like me, she is a nocturnal animal who stays up till 3-4 a.m. and is seldom to be seen out of bed much before noon.

Every single petal is handmade and edible.

Meizee assures me that the flowers and painting is the easy part, the hardest part apparently is cutting the fondant bands around the cake evenly and making the joins blemish-free.

This is MZ telling everyone the doors are locked and no one can go home till dessert is finished!

You can see more of her work at her website http://letthemeatcakemz.com/ We still have 15 kilos of it in the fridge – any takers?

4 thoughts on “Just a little something that I whipped together…. ahem

  1. OMG !!! MZ is fantastic ! The flowers and the picture of the bird are really amazing !

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