Dylan’s 3rd birthday party – the Singapore edition

Yes the little scamp celebrated her 3rd birthday. Her actual birthday is in a week but we decided to have a Singapore party for her friends before we flew to Australia to spend Christmas there.

My friend Meizee made the gorgeous little bumble bee themed cupcakes (remember her gorgeous ming vase cake from this post)

Herding all the kittens around the cupcake tower…

We misplaced the birthday candles so Dylan had a nice scented candle to blow out, which she didn’t mind in the least….


The present opening turned into mayhem when Dylan discovered a “makeup kit” which was actually a glitter tattoo set consisting of 8 pots of sparkles, a variety of stencils, brushes and a sticky tube of glue. All I remember is lunging across the room as a pot of purple glitter exploded in slow motion over the nice cream carpet…. Oh well. We’ll be picking sparkles off our feet until Christmas!


Love this pic of Dylan and Sienna protesting at not being allowed into the wine cellar behind them…


And the kids partied on until way past their bedtime. This is Joshua, Dylan’s biggest crush now, giving her a goodbye hug….


Thanks everyone, Dylan had a fantastic birthday filled with love and hi-jinks!

3 thoughts on “Dylan’s 3rd birthday party – the Singapore edition

  1. When do you arrive in Merricks, oh party ones??? I never thought that I’d miss the Irishman as much as I have! Can’t wait to fill you in on all the goss, Crystal….

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