Sunset at Frankston

Mark and I had an hour to kill before our movie at Frankston (The Kings Speech, if you’re interested), so we decided to take a stroll along Frankston Pier. We don’t normally go to Frankston (our neighbours call it Frankghanistan – it’s a little rough around the edges), but it was sunset and the light was spectacular.

Luckily I happened to have my little Panasonic camera with a f1.7 pancake lens in the car, so I took a few quick shots of various interesting things. Like the abandoned chair in the tide. And the cheesy fairground rides complete with 12 foot tall fibreglass Sinister Kangaroo.

“Fun Slide”. Is that a bit of an philosophical oxymoron?

One thought on “Sunset at Frankston

  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the ones of the slide.

    I want to sit in that abandoned chair and dig my toes into the wet sand.

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