Foxeys Hangout…

This afternoon, I was typing at my computer, when I saw something move near the dam. Something big. It was a huge fox about three times the size of our Jack Russell Terrier, Milo. So that was why Milo had been barking the whole of last night despite my best efforts at shushing him at 2 in the morning…

Anyway I stormed out to the vineyard, camera in hand, and the cocky little (actually quite large) bugger froze and stared me down for a good 60 seconds. Then he came to the conclusion that I wasn’t much of a threat, and proceed to gambol about the garden in a leisurely fashion, pausing to piss at various wooden posts. Can you believe the cheek!

The Irishman thinks it’s because the heavy rains have flooded most of the foxes dens and indeed I spotted another couple of foxes running by the roadside near our area.

Coincidentally, I’ve just finished reading an interesting book called “Foxeys Hangout”, about the owners of the nearby eponymous vineyard and their move from Melbourne to the Peninsula. It was a fun read especially since the Peninsula is so small that you recognise almost all of the areas and little bits of local gossip being referenced in the book, and feel rather smug about your “insider-ness”, although the book does mention that for one to call themselves a local on the Peninsula, you have to live there for decades and remember the days when apples, not wine were the biggest exports in Redhill.

Goodnight Milo, don’t let the foxeys bite!

p.s. When I showed the first photo to our very rotund toddler Dylan, she exclaimed “OOOO….. EGG EGG! Yum!”, transfixed by the white soccer ball instead of the FRIGGING ENORMOUS FOX! Which just goes to show that in Dylan’s world, there are only two categories of matter – “EDIBLE” and “IRRELEVANT”….


2 thoughts on “Foxeys Hangout…

  1. Dylan’s response is hysterical!

    Do you have chickens in your coop yet? Better guard them from the foxes if you do. Foxes love chickens… at least that’s what “Fantastic Mr. Fox” told me.

    • no chickens so far, i’m being a nerd and reading loads of books as well as lurking on chook forums before i pluck up the courage!

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