Art and Wine

Did you know that I’m married to a sculptor? Well neither did I!

This week I honour two of the Irishman’s recent achievements. The first being this wonderful rustic sculpture that he made out of old recycled wooden posts, named “Renewal”. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas gift for me, but as Sean was injured just before Christmas, things got delayed and the sculpture was finally finished a few weeks ago.

I love its radiating sinuous lines and how it changes form depending on where you stand. When you walk up from the courtyard garden and first see the sculpture, Mark aligned it to the axis of the courtyard steps so that it looks (to me) like a peacock spreading its tail, as in the photo below.

But from the side, it looks like waves or a helix.

Echoing the way the branches of the trees bend in the breeze.

Remind me to buy longer shirts for Mark. Somehow everything gets shrunken in the wash in this household and our shirts start creeping up until we all resemble a 90s Britney Spears tribute band.


Another view of the sculpture. Isn’t it a beauty! I’m so impressed by Mark’s first effort. Even my mum thinks that it’s like one of her favourite sculptures, the metal fan one at the fountain outside The Regent Hotel in Singapore.

And Mark’s second achievement this month – our bumper crop 2015 Pinot Noir harvest! We have 520 kg of grapes, which will translate to about a barrel and a half or 45 cases. The readings are good with the sugar levels at 22.7% and Ph 3.20. This is our sixth harvest, and it feels surreal that we’ve been doing this for that long.

This year we had very very minimal bird damage and the bunches were so luscious and pretty. As soon as you walk into a vineyard, it transports you to a simpler time. You can feel your blood pressure dropping right down as you walk along the rows, snipping with your secateurs and dropping the fat little bunches into the buckets. They make such a satisfying sound. There’s no form of gardening more civilised and pleasant than pruning grape vines or harvesting grapes. It also makes for a great amiable conversation as you amble along, talking to whoever is on the other side of your row.

Our picking crew this year was Tony and Kate Sutherland-Paul, Jenny Jones, the two of us and of course Paul Wallace our brilliant vineyard caretaker.

That’s Kate telling me to bugger off and stop taking photos of her.

Happy Mark, surveying the grapes.

We had nearly 50 buckets with about 12 kilos of grapes each. What a haul for our tiny little vineyard.

Thank you everyone who came to help! It’s been a bountiful harvest and we are blessed.


One thought on “Art and Wine

  1. Seriously stunning sculpture. I’m impressed.
    On the sweater shrinkage, Every sweater here shrank, for years and years. Then I decided to wash them on the wool cycle. Result? Woolly jumpers, sweatshirts and t shirts which actually fit.
    Congratulations on the grape yield. Brilliant.
    Pauline xx

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