Farm Dramas

A farm is like a jealous lover. I’ve been travelling for the better part of the past two months to Singapore and Indonesia, and when I finally returned to Cable Car Estate, oh what fun lay in store! We were busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition.

First the alpacas needed to be sheared. If you have any doubts about the transformative powers of a haircut, just look at our alpacas! This is them before, all plump and happy in the orchard.

And this is the very traumatic shearing process, where they have to be hung and drawn like a scene from Game of Thrones while the shearer gets to work. I was told many times that this is the safest and most humane way to do it because if they aren’t bound up, they can seriously injure themselves. Did you know that alpacas can kick in ALL directions unlike horses? Well Mark found out when Mandate gave him a nice shiner on his left leg.

And these are our boys after the shearing, two scrawny little embarrassed deer like things! They didn’t recognise each other at first and spent a long time spitting in each others faces, which was quite funny. There must have been so relieved to get all that furry wool off themselves though. There’s now 4 big bags of alpaca fleece in our shed, ready to be spun into something. I’m think a lovely big throw for our library room couch to snuggle under while watching a movie.

Leave us alone, the alpacas convey wordlessly.

And then the next drama was the arrival of baby lamb Sparkle (Dylan’s idea of a name). We found poor baby Sparkle all neglected lying by himself next to a rock in the field and our alpacas standing over him nudging him gently and trying to get him to stand up. Not knowing which one of the sheep was his mother as both of them seemed equally clueless, we bundled the little guy in a towel and brought him into the house to feed.

The little guy loved being hugged and stroked, and followed the kids around wherever they went, until we thought we’d have to change Dylan’s name to Mary.

It was really cute but stepping in steaming warm puddles of lamb pee in my kitchen tempered my enthusiasm a bit. Thankfully over the next few days we managed to reintroduce Sparkle to her lackadaisical mother in a catch pen and she’s working hard on being a better mother. We’ve renamed the mother Britney Spears as she still spends most of her time smoking behind the shed, dragging Sparkle around from place to place randomly while he’s trying to take a nap and being a general Loo-La.

Poor Sparkle! He (or she) needs a bit of therapy I think. Speaking of therapy, Pooky our peacock then decided that everyone else on the farm was acting up so he decided to run away the day after Sparkle arrived! We got a call from a friend who was having coffee down the road who had spotted him causing a commotion across the main road and it took 5 grown people, the Irishman and two vineyard nets to catch him.

We put the silly bugger back into the covered orchard and the first thing that happened was that one of the Muscovy drakes came over, jumped on his back and attempted to give him a good shag. Who needs to watch Prison Break when you have Farm TV here??

So I apologise for the long break between blog posts recently but sometimes, life just gets in the way. In the meantime, here are some photos of the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Just last week we had a technicolour sunset so extraordinary that my entire instagram feed was full of the Mornington Peninsula sky. Sometimes when the farm is kicking your ass, it’s good to be able to look up and just breathe!


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