Taking pictures in the dark

You remember how I said in my last post that we were one of the lucky ones who only had a few hours of the power outage last week? Well karma’s a bitch. The very next day after I wrote that post, we were treated to our very own blackout for 48 hours, being one of the only 38 households in our district to be affected by the falling pines trees on our road.

Luckily the candles were just where we left them, and this time I had the Irishman in the house, who made himself quite useful chopping wood, lighting fires, boiling water and transferring it gradually into Finn’s tropical fish tank every hour to warm the poor buggers up.

I took some photos as well but the F1.2 lens that I have on my camera is so ridiculously good that all the photos look 10 times brighter than the reality. It was nearly pitch black in the house once we finished roasting the chicken in the fireplace, as Finn calls it, “caveman style”.

We all ended up in the living room huddled around the fire again, the kids telling jokes in the dark and occasionally glancing at the waning battery bars of their digital devices. You know what is really great in the dark? The sound of the grand piano echoing in the gloom.

This week I’m playing Hans Zimmer’s Time – the magnificent theme from the movie Inception.

I went everywhere with my trusty brass oil ship lamp, the most reliable, beautiful thing.

The next day we bought this monster of a generator which makes a terrific racket when on, it honestly sounds just like a jumbo jet taking off right outside your window, but apparently it is powerful enough to run the whole house. I’m getting an electrician to hook it up permanently next to the mains so that the next time the power trips we can just flip the switch. Very zombie apocalypse. But even though it’s nice to sit around the fire and tell stories, it’s not so pleasant to have a fridge full of rotting cheeses and a chest freezer of putrefying homemade chicken stock and slowly melting racks of our farmed lambs. Nothing more depressing than hearing that drip drip sound of your food melting away in the dark.

Look at that monstrosity! That completes the picture now. We have our septic waste treatment tank, dam, 100,000 litre water tanks x 4, LPG gas bullet and generator. If the zombies come, you’ll want to be on our team. BRAINS!

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