Mother’s Day Hot Pot

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m supposed to be putting up my feet and relaxing to the sounds of the kids arguing over how to load the dishwasher and the Irishman dropping crockery, so this will be a short post!

This year the Irishman decided to put on a special treat that every Asian loves – Hot Pot!

There was a lot of surreptitious chopping and cursing going on this morning, I came out to find the two eldest Leahy men in the kitchen mincing garlic and freaking out. Sean thought it was a disaster of epic proportions that the beef-to-allothermeats ratio was less than 80:1. Much consternation over what utensils to use to dip and retrieve food, resulting in a table laid with bamboo salad servers and a deep frying spatula.

It’s ok, everything was salvaged with a liberal application of champagne.

The usual lively “Where the hell is my tofu?!” guessing game, fun for the whole family!

Quote of the day from Dylan “Sean, you’re talking nonsense. BOOM! You’re fired.”

Pirate Daddy

Thanks for a wonderful, novel and very messy Mother’s Day lunch guys! Someone give me a massage now!

One thought on “Mother’s Day Hot Pot

  1. It looks like you had a fabulous day! ‘Hot pot” – never heard of it – sound and looks delish, as do the bubbles! Happy Mothers Day!

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