Feb Randomness

It’s time for another randomness post. I haven’t been taking many photos recently as we have builders sanding, painting and plastering everywhere and the cameras have been safely tucked away in my bedroom, so here are the meagre few that I have for February.

The kids have just returned to school after almost 10 weeks of holidays. I was so relieved when they went back to school. I felt a bit like we were under house arrest because of the building work, and the kids were turning completely feral on each other.

I took this photo the other day when I found Finn meditating in his favourite tulip tree after school. It’s his latest thing. Apparently he has a new best friend at school who likes “meditating” too, although Finn’s idea of meditation involves rolling around on the mat and making alpaca sounds.

The rooms in the house are in flamboyant disarray due to the painting going on. It was fun choosing wall colours, but I think I let myself be unduly influenced by the paint shade names. My study got painted a calming Donkey Grey as velvety as a jenny’s ear, the powder room in Butter and Sugar, the mudroom in Rubble and so on…

I didn’t feel like cooking much with all the mineral turps in the air, so I ended up eating a lot of takeaway sushi in my car, windows rolled down, parked beside Mornington Pier.

Mark was away for one whole week in Singapore and Hong Kong, and it was a little nerve wracking because we were on alert for severe fire danger risk and I had to rehearse the fire escape plan in my head every night while the kids were in bed. Step One – Wet towels, then respirators, then kids and dogs in car, drive through vineyard into neighbour’s paddock etc. I’ll sleep a lot easier when our fire bunker gets put in.

Now that summer is kind of over, Finn’s Potion Stall had to come down. We did tell him that his pricing needed a bit of fine tuning although he did rake in about $12 of pity sales for little potions. “Listen up Finn, no one is going to pay $5 for potions that don’t do anything.” His eyes widened and he said “But they make your plants grow bigger! I took some of Dad’s fertiliser and mixed it into the potion. Not the exploding type you make bombs from, just the normal blood and bone fertiliser.” Good to know.

Coco got really really fat because the builders took the mudroom door and gate off and she kept breaking out of the house to raid the compost bin. She is on the strictest of diets now. Look what a scamp she was, she has white paint all over one shoulder after sneaking past a painter to get out of the house.

And… we have another round of ducklings! The first one died yesterday, then we had 3 today who look really healthy, and they have been named Itchy & Scratchy & Patchy.

We converted a crate into the Duck Penthouse on top of my formerly beautiful grand piano. The two yellow ones are Itchy & Scratchy because they fight all the time. And obviously the spotty one is Patchy.

Poor Finn got cut in the eyelid in a playground accident at school today but he was all smiles when he saw the little ducklings.

I had a million things to do today, but managed to scramble around town and find these little guys new duckling crumble feed and a ceramic infrared heat lamp to keep them warm during the chilly Melbourne nights.

3 chirping scrapping ducklets in a shanty town. An appropriate metaphor for our life at present. Can’t wait till the building work is over, but I know it will be chaos for a while more as we embark on the kitchen / wardrobe / mudroom reno, not to mention the fire bunker / pool installation. I’m trying to stay zen amidst the rubble and focus on the tiny sounds coming from on top of the piano, as fresh and delicate as hope itself.

One thought on “Feb Randomness

  1. The little ducklings are adorable. I trust the fire risk is greatly diminished now? You know, Crystal, some people think you DID install the heart shaped pool! Rumours about your Superwoman abilities have obviously spread around the world.
    Pauline x

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