Happy Christmas!

“Santa came last night and left footprints next to the fireplace, he ate a little bit of the biscuits and he drank ALL of the beer!” reported Finn, hyperventilating as he bounced on our bed this morning. Stretch. Oh yes. It’s Christmas again, the one day a year I get up at the crack of dawn-ish.

This year I learned a new trick from our friends. Last night when I was at a beach barbecue, I tried to leave early saying that I had mounds of presents to wrap. “WRAP?!? What do you mean wrap presents?!” bellowed our friend Duncan, brandishing a beer bottle with scorn. Dave chimed in “On the Peninsula you get a big black rubbish bag and throw all the presents in there for the kiddies. It’s Santa’s sack! That’s the sack! None of this staying up till 3 a.m. wrapping things! No muss no fuss!”

Alrighty then. Well I refused to go the complete bogany hog, so I retrieved 3 antique french linen flour sacks, one for each kid, and merrily tossed their presents in there. Done!

As you can see, Finn thought it was great fun.

Santa brought trophies for all the kids for special achievements during the year, like for learning to ride a bike and growing the best vegetables.

The Irishman also loved his cool wobble board chess set although we’re still trying to figure out how to kid proof it. In other news, I got a lovely red hobie kayak ready for the start of summer. Paddleboarding and kayaking will keep me busy!

Bruno and Coco had some special Mongolian beef jerky and promptly fell asleep amongst the presents and tinsel.

I hope you had a magical day as well, have a very joyful Christmas and remember that you are loved.


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