Back in time for Spring

Melbourne. Singapore. Kolkata. Bhutan. Assam. Singapore. Melbourne. Gold Coast. Byron. Melbourne. That’s been my whistlestop tour for the past 3 weeks. I had a crazy, beautiful, regenerative time, but boy am I glad to be home on the farm.

I thought I’d share some photos from Bhutan where we were holding our fourth Legacy Retreat – Edition Bhutan. The spiritual energy in that country is grounded yet uplifting.  I felt like I was in a gorgeous Kurosawa movie from a different era, bathing in that glorious summer sun with the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan ranges everywhere I went.

It was the end of summer and there were gigantic sunflowers everywhere, fertilised by the many cows ambling about,

We were driving to town and my friend Jutka said “Stop! You have to take a photo of that Dzong!” So I did.

This was the view from our little villa at the Uma by COMO, Paro hotel which overlooked the Paro Valley. That little grass area outside our window was in fact where the Crown Prince of Bhutan had his wedding dinner. It was such a down to earth, eco-friendly, yet luxurious hotel.

A meditation walk with our group to the top of the mountain and then a silent contemplation of time.

We had many memorable dinners, this one in particular was my favourite. After a round of traditional Bhutanese archery and darts, all of us had a gorgeous dinner outdoors next to the fire pit surrounded by fluttering prayer flags and the smell of burning wood.

When I got home I was tired, but the good, honest kind of exhaustion which comes along with a sense of achievement. Dylan was still a bit sick and the family was in resting mode, helped by the arrival of the soft Australian spring.

I walked in our garden barefoot to ground myself and to appreciate the simple pleasures of our garden bursting into the slow exploding fireworks of Spring. A different, more pastoral kind of beauty, but one that I love no less than the drama of mountain ranges.

We never even saw these bluebells before. Sometimes seeds lie dormant in our garden for years only to burst forth given the right conditions. Our property was once a wildflower farm and it never fails to surprise and delight us with its generosity.

The last of the magnolias were still going strong.

Oh yes, and thanks so much for all the beautiful birthday messages, I loved reading them all. I had a fantastic time at my joint birthday party with Karen Golding from Red HIll Brewery where the theme was “Your Evil Twin”, given that it was Friday the 13th.  In case you can’t tell, I’m a 1950s Shanghainese gangster vixien and Kaz is Patsy from Ab Fab!

It was pretty scary how comfortable everyone seemed in their outfits.  And how good they looked!! Well, except for Nik in the awesome blue Avatar getup, I think her normal colouring may suit her a tad better!

Thanks guys, I had a wonderful birthday and I’m glad to be home just in time to catch Spring and all it promises to be.


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