Just another crazy week on the Peninsula

This weekend I was a complete fuzz head. Too much work and bad allergies from the little impromptu renovation that the Irishman had decided to do on the living room – a tiny matter of putting in a new wooden beam through the ceiling, making new mudbrick walls, removing a fireplace, jackhammering a concrete slab out from the floor and such. This is what my living room looked like 4 days ago.

Four days, and two traumatised greyhounds later…

Feeling rather enthusiastic, we decided to hold an impromptu taco lunch and invite the neighbours around. The magnolia trees have just started blooming and we were feeling optimistic .



I have to say the living room looks light worlds brighter with a new coat of eggshell paint on its mudbrick walls and the old fireplace gone.

Mexican lunch is always a hit with the kids. DIY fish tacos, corn on the cob with lime, home made salsa, guacamole, crema, and Irish potatoes of course!


Anne made this absolutely delightful, light-as-a-feather scrumptious chocolate cake which didn’t hang around for long, I can tell you!

And as a special bonus surprise, my buddy Isaac from Singapore texted me to say that he was visiting the Peninsula and was round the corner at a vineyard, so he popped in with family to say hi! I forgot to tell the Irishman, who nearly fainted when Isaac walked through the door with his really cute little baby girl.

Dylan loved acting the big sister!

And Mark enjoyed acting the goat. I hope Orlando has recovered from the spin cycle!

And as I always say, you know you’ve had a good weekend when your husband mistakes the dog for his wife.

As I write this I can hear the Irishman dancing a crazy jig in the next room to Jay-Z and Pitbull (second wind) while our exhausted kids are snoozing in preparation for Monday morning. I supposed it’ll be up to me to make the lunch boxes then… Later guys!


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