A warm winter’s welcome

Sean, my stepson, came back home this week. We missed him during the 2 years that he was living in Hong Kong and the little ones were counting down the days till he got home.

Finn was so excited the night before Sean’s arrival that he almost couldn’t sleep. He made his father promise to wake him up at 4.30 a.m. so that he could go to the airport and receive him. But when the Irishman found Finn sleeping so soundly in bed, he didn’t have the heart to wake him up.

And I was greeted by this crestfallen little 6 year old face in the morning saying “Where’s Dada?”  I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said “Want breakfast in the airport.” Poor possum!

Finally, Sean arrived! He got a huge hug from Finn and then Dylan emerged from her bedroom rubbing her eyes to give her big brother another hug.

Two Irishmen making breakfast in the kitchen – the other one is our houseguest Colin. The house was filled with the sounds of chattering kids, gambolling greyhounds and frying potatoes.


Sean’s best friends arrived shortly afterwards…

Sean gave Riley a hug and then literally staggered backwards when he saw the 6 foot+ tall Spenser (who is the same age as him btw) and said “Holy Moly I expected Spenser, not a behemoth!”

Friends reunited…

Catching up…


Dragging Sean off to the supermarket for provisions – having one additional teenage child means 50% more groceries needed in the fridge!

And now we’re in Port Douglas for some family time with the whole gang.

Enjoying the beach right outside our doorstep…

Funny how Finn and Dylan suddenly seem so small!

Welcome back Sean, the house and our life is that much livelier, happier and fuller now that you’re back (and much much messier!). We wouldn’t have it any other way!



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