New signs and old friends

After four years, we finally got around to naming the house and the instant our new “Cable Car Estate” sign went up, our initial euphoria swiftly turned into dread as we  realised that we were now liable to have a steady stream of confused tourists walking through our yard wondering where our cellar door is.

Well, at least I’ll finally get the opportunity to say “Release the hounds!”.

Our new sign is in laser cut corten steel. I think the guys from Signforce in Somerville did a marvellous job with the sign and incorporated all the elements we wanted. It blends in well with the surrounding bush. Actually it blends in a bit too well at the moment, but it will soon rust and turn a vibrant orange like our Paul Mutimer orange sculpture below.

And the jaunty cable car (copied from our wine label) is a cute touch, especially when you see it swinging in the wind. They even printed out a few extra cable cars in different colours so we could change them with the seasons.

Now if you don’t know the story behind the name, our little boy Finn was obsessed with cable cars in Singapore and used to take the ride from Singapore to Sentosa every week with his grandma. His greatest thrill was choosing the colour of the cable car he would ride in each week.

When we moved here to Australia, our friend Colin saw that the old Singapore cable cars were being decommissioned, and bought one for us as a present and took on the mammoth feat of having it delivered to our house in Australia.

Fast forward through months of shipping, paperwork, customs, and an installation which involved several men on a crane, and the big black cable car was finally proudly nestled onto our property.

We led Finn out with hands over his eyes to see the Big Surprise in the garden, and at the moment of the big reveal, (TADAAAAH!!!), our lovely little boy squinted at it and said “But I wanted an orange one!”. The little ingrate was nearly disowned.

And then we noticed that the serial number on the cable car was the same as our house number. It was a lovely, amazing coincidence and one of those moments when you feel this is meant to be. At this juncture I would post a picture of the cable car but as it is disgracefully cobwebby at the moment, the fibreglass sheep eski below (newly 3-legged post a lawnmower incident ) below will have to stand in instead.

Funnily enough, the weekend after the sign went up, our friend Colin happened to be in town along for the Lions rugby tour in Australia and visited us for a long country lunch where we drank to our new sign and old friends.

It’s really interesting that now that our kids are all a little older and we’ve graduated from the manic days of nappies and screaming, once again we have time for our friendships. And this time around, there is almost a greater appreciation and tenderness towards our old friends, the family that we choose that has been witness to all our foibles and triumphs.

It was a perfect weekend for Cable Car Estate to be formally christened, thanks everyone for making the trek down to our corner of the world and for the great conversation, laughs and memories!

7 thoughts on “New signs and old friends

  1. The sign is super, Crystal. I wonder how many tourists will call in! You obvious
    Y had a super time with the old buddies.

  2. I can’t believe it was a coincidence that the number on your cable car is the same as your house number!

  3. Hullo! Came across your blog when I was looking for directions on how to cook Singapore-style soft boiled eggs, and immediately got intrigued by your little stories. They are well-written and I love the humor, especially when you are talking about your kids. I didn’t see a photo of the cable car proper in this post.. is it somewhere on your blog? I will have to look for it..

    • Thanks Jean! You can also check out my other blog which I’ve just started. I didn’t put up a photo of the cable car because the serial number is the same as my house number, which I didn’t want on the internet, but thanks for the feedback, I will try to post a photo of it soon!

  4. Hi Crystal and Mark. Great write up on here. Thank you so much for mentioning us and we love the sign and its great to hear you love it as much as we do!

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