Look for the light and when it arrives, everything changes

I am probably more fascinated than most people by how much the light shifts from season to season, having spent most of my life in the tropics.

The sun is low in the sky during Autumn. The light gets under the trees, scattering into horizontal shafts, cleaving apart the landscape and illuminating select things, certains objets, so that you’re forced to contemplate details such as the texture of the peeling bark on a tree or a dazzling beadscape of morning dew.


I have to be extra vigilant in the colder months to force myself to go outdoors, get some of those precious vitamin D infused rays, otherwise it’s easy for me to get slightly depressed and cranky. It is hard to pull myself away from the fireplace but once I’m outdoors I appreciate the vitality of that extra crisp country air, which is currently infused with the delicious burnt eucalyptus smoke coming from our bonfire.

I thought it’s really funny that the Irishman hasn’t bothered to take the tags off his new wellies. Or maybe he’s really proud of them as they’re the first pair of proper gumboots he’s owned. True story – the Irishman once purchased USED second hand gumboots from a car boot sale on a whim and quite happily wore them for 4 years until they disintegrated. Which may explain why I found 21 tubes of Lamisil in the bathroom the last time I spring cleaned.

And the beloved red tractor has been refurbished and is as good as ever. It’s such a beautiful thing really with its blocky cartoonish lines and apple red paint job.

On a random note, Dylan has been really getting into dancing and amusing us with her creative choreography.

She twirls and bounces until she gets so sweaty that she lies around the house panting and begging for us to turn down the heating while all of us are freezing! I suppose there’s a lesson in that as well.
Here’s a video of her totally improvised dance which I just happened to get on my iPhone.


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