Marshmallow wishes everyone Happy Mothers Day!

Little Marshmallow our duckling finally grew big enough to defend himself against his grumpy dad’s pecks so we decided to reintroduce Daddy Drake back into the flock.

For the first couple of hours, the naughty drake chased little Marshmallow about while the mummy ducks and myself fended off his attacks.

Soon they settled down and Marshmallow’s mummy stayed by his side protectively while the other mummy duck acted as the watchdog and hissed at the drake if he came too near.

It was great to see all the ducks back together and we realised that Marshmallow needed more friends of his age so this weekend we got 3 little speckled Muscovy ducklings of the same age. They are Biscuit, Chocolate and Toto. Don’t ask!

Now the drake has way too many little ducklings to pick on and he has to be content with picking on the worms and grubs. Great job mummy ducks!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone 🙂

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