Big Blue Skies

Back in Australia again after our manic tour of Singapore – Hong Kong – Singapore – Vietnam – Singapore over the past 2 weeks. My body is clearly protesting at having to suffer the indignity of the multiple plane trips and I am down with a bout of Asian flu and am feeling lower than a greyhound’s soft underbelly.

We left Australia in summer and returned in autumn. The light is distinctly different, and illuminates the skies in flashes of sudden iridescence, unlike the constant indifferent glare of summer.

The thing that always makes the biggest impression on me every time I return to Australia is the skies. Boy does Australia have big, wide expanses of sky. None of the parsimonious slivers of grey doled out in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Here are the kids messing about on top of the roof of our car. The Irishman threatened to leave them there if they didn’t behave but they were having so much fun they didn’t seem to care.





All that sky must be good for the spirit, I feel it working already.


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