Finn’s fishy 6th

Our little man turned 6 yesterday and as his Official Birthday Party™ is next week, we had a very low key celebration. He’s crazy about fish now (typical Pisces!) especially deep sea fish and stingrays, so we had stingray cookies made for him to hand out at school. Try explaining to the cake shop that you want an Anglerfish cake which looks like this...

His birthday present was a fish tank in his room, to which 6 tiger barbs and 1 red-tailed shark (“from Grandma”) have been added to. In the spirit of our new year’s resolution to TRY to have less stuff, we have banned all birthday presents at his party although if people would like, they can Sponsor a Fish for his tank.

Finn’s saving up for a Sunfish, otherwise known as the largest fish in the world, weighing 1,000 kg on average. We told him that it won’t fit in the aquarium but Finn has measured the dam and thinks it might do.

This year Finn has started big school and comes home at 4 p.m. every day, totally exhausted but brimming full of stories. I have been cherishing my time with him as he seems to be growing at light speed and going through a different craze every week.

Finn is also the child I find the easiest to hang out with. Even though he can be moody, he has the most wonderful liquid intuition and knows just when to give you a hug or snuggle in bed, forehead to forehead, no words needed.

As of this minute, Finn loves:

Music – Bangarang by Skrillex, Bounce by Calvin Harris, Thrift Shop by Macklemore,  I’m into You by Jennifer Lopez (WHY???!!!!! CURSES!!!!)

Fish – Anglerfish, Sunfish, Stingrays and a new addition today – Spanish Dancer Fish

Media – Octonauts, Planet Earth, My Little Pony (although he claims it’s his sister’s favourite), Fishing games on the iPad

Activities – Fishing (of course!) – he has fishing lessons every Monday now and his next one is at Mornington Pier where he’s going to fish for squid

Food – Pineapple, Roti Prata & Curry, Spam, Rice with Furikake, Nori, Pappadums, Croissants

Weird quirks – Hates the little toe seam on his socks and insists on wearing them inside out. Buttoning up his shirts all the way till the top.

Happy Birthday my little guy, you are SUCH a joy. Mama loves you wildly!

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