Mobile Disco with DJs Carl & Eric

Back when I was a schoolgirl in freezing England, I used to listen to DJ Carl Cox on BBC Radio One‘s Essential Mix all the time. A dose of Barbados sunshine in the grey interminable English winters. The man was a hardcore rave DJ who knew how to spin some rocking tunes and even managed to squeeze in two Millennium New Year’s Eves by flying on the day itself to another timezone. How funny to find out that he’s now a fellow Mornington Peninsula resident and next door neighbour to our friends Rachael Ann and Dave!

So Carl hosts this mobile disco event every summer at Crittenden Estate in Dromana, and tickets are always sold out. This year we managed to score some through Kaz and we thrilled to be part of this chilled out event. As you can see, the Irishman had his best dancing face on…

The Fitzroy hipsters were out in full force, as were the bohos, the faux-bohos, the Cashed Up Bogans, Portsea Poshters, Rum-swilling Pirates, Middle Aged Fockers (also known as the MAFia) and other interesting specimens of Victorian subcultures. This being the Peninsula, the dance floor was also dotted with crazed toddlers toting water guns who squirted all the revellers with maniacal glee.

As you can see, our particular group of friends fit firmly in the MAFia category. The first thing Rick did when he turned up was to find a suitable shady willow grove to set up camp in, lash a few branches together for a lean to, and fashion a jaunty hat peg for himself on a nearby tree branch. Rock on Rick!

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the pleasures of having our little Willow grove hideout, dubbed the Salix Kingdom by Anne.

The weather was a completely unreasonable 39 degrees but we were fresh as daisies in the filtered shade.

One of the most amazing things about this rave fest was that there was an abundance of great food – taco trucks, artisanal sausages, homemade gyozas, Vietnamese food, we were spoilt for choice and no queues as well! The youngsters were too busy getting their groove on.

Eat. Drink. Dance. Collapse. Rinse and Repeat.

We stayed till 9 p.m. and then, like respectable members of the MAFia, packed up and carpooled home, in time to make packed lunches for our kids the next day.

Another great summer’s night. Thanks DJ Carl, and Eric, whoever you are!

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