Memories, adventures and good food….

Moving house fun! Unearthed a treasure trove of notebooks from pre-iPad days and realised how much I used to write before I had kids.

My favourites were the leather bound Smythson travel journals with their lovely hand worn covers and fragile dove blue pages.

“‘I did that’ says my memory. ‘ I cannot have done that’ says my pride. Eventually my memory gives way.” – a quote from Nietzsche.

On the home from Paris – I read this review in the Herald Tribune “the soprano’s voice spurted like a jet upwards, rolled around the cupola and rained down upon the guests like Niagara”, which reminded me of the evening stroll we took at the Ile-de-Cite at sunset where we peeked into a glowing tiny jewel box of a chapel and eavesdropped on a chamber concert rehearsal.

And I found an old pregnancy journal from when I was pregnant with Finn and painstakingly recorded every detail for posterity.

And this completely fearsome list of what we packed for Finn’s first trip to Bali. Sedatives, ha! Night light!!! We were completely insane evidently! First time parents… I think by the time Dylan came along, we were lucky if we remembered to take Finn!

I also keep a big vellum notebook which records all our lunch and dinner party menus, who attended, notes on what could have been improved, gossip on what happened and so on

An impromptu Sunday Taco lunch…

A more formal Chinese New Year Dinner – this was a really easy and fabulous menu. Oysters with Asian kimchi mignonette. Onsen Tamago (poached eggs made in my rice cooker) with miso butter and asparagus. Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap with homemade kimchi. Black bean scallops. And a syrup cake dessert brought by a friend.

Another casual summer menu. Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Grilled snapper and rice. Vietnamese mint and herb salad. Portobello mushrooms grilled with anchovies and chillies. Rhubarb tart for dessert with homemade orange ice-cream.

And there were heaps and heaps more. One day I will get around to compiling all these recipes. Casual Entertaining Leahy Style!

It was lovely to have recorded these little details of our lives which sometimes blur into a sea of happy confusion when I think about the past 10 years with the Irishman. I think one day Dylan and Finn will appreciate them too.

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