New Year Vignettes

Happy 2013 everyone! We had a sublimely low key day today.

A warm afternoon of waterplay with the kids in the garden and hanging out in the hammock.

I broke out the Thermomix from under the Christmas tree and made a chorizo, pea and mushroom risotto for lunch. We all shared our wishes for the New Year and our resolutions. Dylan’s – “I want to be kind to my family and to grow long finger nails”. Finn’s – “I want to grow special magical vegetables and to love my family”.

The Irishman and I wished for more happy calm times with the family and taking time to smell the lavender and eucalyptus this year. Less of the crazy-busy that was 2012!

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve the night before at Kaz and Dave’s place. Kids running everywhere, bubbles, sparklers, dancing…

Gracie’s outfit really matched her lightsticks!





A beautiful new year, 365 fresh days to cover and a whole summer of fun on the Mornington Peninsula awaits! Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true in this one 🙂


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