Our farmhouse Xmas 2012

This Christmas will not be recorded for posterity as one of the most relaxing holidays in Leahy history. Somewhere along the line, we decided that it was a good idea in the past few weeks to travel from Chiangmai to Bhutan to Bali on business trips for my company Legacy Retreat, host a Xmas party in Singapore for 42 adults on the same day as Dylan’s birthday party for 30 kids, , then spent 5 days packing up everything we owned in Singapore and flew to our farmhouse in Australia. Got that? That’s not even half of it my friends!

Upon arrival in Australia on a cold and dark Melbourne night, we stumbled into the farmhouse, switched on the lights and realised that our lovely living room had been replaced by a scene out of some serial killer movie. Great tracts of blue plastic sheeting wafted about ominously, tacked up to the ceiling. Pieces of our ceiling and floor were missing. Drifts of sawdust lurched in corners. Entire cobweb civilisations perambulated around the living room langurously. Little furry things disappeared into the 5 metre wide “viewing gallery” hole in our floorboards.

Just at that moment, our 4 year old Dylan pronounced “This is the best Christmas EVER!”. I shrieked.

Apparently Ross, our helpful builder, who had assured us that the living room renovation was good to go, was completely delusional in the way that only proper Aussie tradies can be. I muttered a litany of colourful phrases as I ushered the little ones into the bathroom for a bath and then discovered that the hot water was NOT WORKING due to a power surge frying the circuit board of the boiler. Woohoo! Best Christmas Ever!

Cut to three days later, the Irishman and Ross slaving away getting the living room ready on Christmas Eve. What a lovely sight. I was so relaxed my circuit board nearly combusted.

The poor Irishman went from Banker to Builder in a week and by some great motivational force (entirely unrelated to a hysterical Asian wife), managed to make our dwelling semi-habitable just in time for jolly old Santa Claus.

Below, please observe the neon pink mess which is Dylan’s pile of Santa stuff. (None of it was from me!)

After all the trauma of realising how much junk we had when we moved, I decided to make this year an eco christmas. We have So Much STUFF!

So the kids got their very own vegetable gardens from Santa.

Finn was absolutely delighted and immediately went to town planting eggplants, basil, spring onions, tarragon, pumpkins etc. None of which I have actually seen him eating before, mind.

And here is Dylan (below), who has absolutely zero interest in mucking about in the soil but will happily consume her body weight in tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, salad greens, pickled ginger and just about anything you can throw at her gob.

The Irishman got a year’s worth of yoga lessons at a completely gorgeous yoga cottage studio which has just opened and is not 5 minutes from our house. I can’t wait to do aerial yoga next to the beach.

And we were blissfully adopted by our neighbours Anne & Rick for Xmas lunch where we drank delectable Aperol Spritz cocktails under the eucalyptus trees and threw pieces of turkey at our kids.


Thanks for the delicious spread Anne & Rick!

And one of my favourite memories of Xmas day is the boys watching that old chestnut Home Alone and laughing so hard I nearly put both of them into diapers.

Relaxing will start shortly. After we survive New Year’s Eve!

4 thoughts on “Our farmhouse Xmas 2012

  1. That is one of the most incredible stories that I have heard in a long time. I love Dylan’s reaction to the shambles and your husband/daddy hero instinct. In the end our professions or training does not define us, we are who/what ever we need to be. I also love the garden idea…awesome !

    Peace to you and your family, Kelly

    • Thanks for the wishes Kelly! Mark and I send our love to your family too and hope you have a wonderful 2013 with plenty of love and laughs!

  2. Dear Leahys,
    A great read. I was feeling breathless reading it with fits of laughter in between. I look forward to more…
    Happy New Year to you all.
    With Love

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