La Dolce Vita… Irishman style

May you live in interesting times – so the fictitious Chinese “blessing” goes, and at the Leahy household, we’re never short of those situations!

It all started a couple of months ago. The Irishman has long spoken (and spoken and spoken…) of how the banking industry needs to shrink to be able to grow sustainably in the future. So, when well publicised cuts needed to be made, he was happy to live and die by the sword – “Downsizing starts with Me!”.  The more he mulled over the idea of exploring his other talents, the better it sounded for all concerned.  Especially to our two little ones who have been somewhat grumpy since I’ve gone full speed into my new business Legacy Retreat.

The  ‘exit’ took some time to evolve but was announced late last month – along with flowers, and a tidbit of information – that Irishman had signed himself up for motorbike lessons?!!

Yes and please get a load of his motorbike helmet protector skull cap thing below. I think it’s technical name is a Whattheeff.

And I hadn’t even recovered from that when I tripped over a bag of golf clubs in the front door, the size of a volkswagen.
It started hitting home that my husband was embracing his newfound freedom with the joy of a jack russell out of quarantine.

There was beach volleyball at weekends…



Hanging out with mates….

Teaching the kids how to walk the tightrope – obviously a skill honed by years of investment banking…


And a sharp increase in the number of Lim family wine dinners attended… Not to mention the swift updating of his Linkedin profile to include his new job description of “Vigneron”…

All I say is “You’re worth it darling! Enjoy!” which I really do mean.  He’s had a brilliant 24 year banking career and it’s absolutely great that he wants to do something different. I just wish it wasn’t motorbike riding in a ridiculous skullcap!

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