A Random Act of Kindness

A month ago, I bought Dylan this stripey seersucker blazer to keep her warm during her Ireland holiday. When I brought i back home and brandished it in front of Dylan proudly, she made a Certain Face (see illustration below) to indicated that Never Was Such A Horrific Item Going To Grace Her Body

I was outraged of course! This was a Bonpoint blazer we’re talking about! It was chic and effortless and classic and most importantly, 70% off in the sales! I lectured her on the Importance of Being Blazered, did an impromptu pantomime of how little boys would be dropping at her feet, flabbergasted at her flair.

Dylan waited until I was halfway up the staircase, and said in a theatrical stage whisper to Nanny- “Auntie M, why did Mama buy me such UGLY clothes?”

Anyway a day later, I had a characteristic stroke of brilliance. I found an old sequinned brooch in the shape of a red heart and dangled it before Dylan’s shiny eyes. As she watched with avid fascination, I pinned it onto her blazer and TADA! It was now a GIRL’S coat, redeemed by the elements of BRIGHT and RED and SPARKLY! Dylan said she’d consider wearing it because “Heart-Heart” was “soooo beeyootiful”.

Cut to Ireland, 3 weeks later. We cracked out the blazer one day and Dylan gave it a whirl around Summercove Beach and Charles Fort. She was having a whole barrelful of fun, tumbling head over heels over the slopes, prodding Irish molluscs, exploring rockpools and ancient ruins so she forgot all about her sartorial uncertainty until….

Oh no! Do you see what I see? A plain blazer sans RED SHINY HEART BROOCH!!!!


We thought that it must have fallen off during all rolling around….


We searched everywhere in Charles Fort, the lawns next to the Fort, all the hills the children had rolled up and down and around the fences which Dylan had climbed over. (Or rather, Sean and I searched, everyone else thought it was a lost cause, and Dylan alternated between being catatonic with grief over Heart-Heart’s loss and being secretly happy she wouldn’t have to wear Disgusting Blazer again)


It wasn’t until we had given up hope and and left the fort when suddenly, Dylan yelped “There’s my Heart-Heart!”. And there it was, pinned up at exactly eye-level on a lamp post on the way to the carpark. Dylan had spotted it while Mark was carrying her on his shoulders. It was like a magic trick.

Thoughtful Stranger, thank you for such a delightful act of kindness, it was a bright spot of light on a bleak gray-infused day. Dylan loved the idea that her little heart went out for a wander and came back to the fold.

I have reinforced Heart-Heart to Stripey Blazer and now that Dylan’s blazer has a story of its own, she’s become quite fond of it, and may even consider other forms of attire which are neither pink nor frilly. Now that would be a real miracle!

4 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness

  1. just discovered your blog last week and i have read your entire blog, great read. you are beautiful and so is your family 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words Louise, it’s lovely to hear from readers who appreciate the little bit of joy I get out of writing xxx

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