Running with the puppies…

We’ve had school holidays this whole week but as I’ve been going through a really busy patch launching the new business, the little ones were outsourced to grandma and assorted friends on playdates.

And then on Friday, I finally had one glorious free afternoon to fill with sticky hugs and screaming children.

It was a scorcher but they really wanted to go outdoors so we compromised by having lunch at Spruce under the dappled sunshine, shaded by a forest canopy of rain trees.

There’s a cute little playground located on the slope below the cafe within eyesight so this working mother could make calls over tea while the kids let off some pent up energy…

Note – Finn decided to accessorize his outfit with a pearl necklace which he claimed that Auntie Nikki had given him. I decided it was better not to make an issue out of it so I told him that Some Boys would think that wearing pearls was a little unusual but he was welcome to wear them if he didn’t mind getting funny looks. He happily wore the necklace for the whole day and hasn’t asked to do it again, but it’s been only two days so we’ll see…

Dylan enjoying playing house…

They were having so much fun we decided to stop by the Botanic Gardens (or “The Bots” as my friend Jules calls it) where Dylan bestowed the SPCA doggie with a surfeit of kisses and Japanese tourists stopped to take photos of her…

Yep, still with the necklace….

Anyone else have similar experiences with their sons? I’ll bet he’ll love these photos when he’s 18!


2 thoughts on “Running with the puppies…

  1. What a lovley day! Miss you guys so much… Can’t believe it has bee a year since you moved to Sing. That time has gone so fast. Love seeing your photos & hear about how everyone is going. Love to you all x

    • Thanks Stef! They miss you too. Dylan is such a scamp now, you won’t believe it! We’re back in late August for a week, hope to catch up with you then…

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