Happy happy lucky lucky 8th in HK

Last week I was in HK for a long weekend to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

The Irishman pulled off a very romantic surprise yacht trip from Hong Kong Harbour to Clearwater Bay with a stop over at Lamma Island for lunch.

It was quite surreal to be on a yacht in such an urban environment. We sailed past fuel tankers, majestic junks, tiny little fishing sampans against a backdrop of skyscrapers which soon melted into craggy hills and rural islands.

Hong Kong is a city on steroids. Of mores. More glamorous. More polluted. More extreme. More surreal.

Crumbling kitsch hovels juxtaposed against gleaming impassive skyscrapers.

City of glass and impossible dreams.

We had an amazing time lying on the deck marveling at the sights and soaking up the occasional ray of sunshine when the clouds parted.

The fog did have its own romantic and mysterious charm though.

Thanks for the surprise, my Irishman, and for 8 magical years of mystery and romance.


2 thoughts on “Happy happy lucky lucky 8th in HK

    • Hi Christina! Lovely to hear you’re also celebrating the lucky 8th! Big hugs to you and your family xxx

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