The Great Leahy Dance-off

We’re celebrating 8 years of marriage this week and I thought I’d make this video as all of us love to groove!

It was inspired by my friend Nikki who took 3 year old Dylan to Zouk (the grande dame of clubs in Singapore) for a Baby Loves Disco event recently. Nikki sent me a funny video of little Dylan dancing on the podium in her tutu. With much amusement, I realised it was the exact same podium which my 59 year old father dances on every Saturday. It’s definitely in the genes!

2 thoughts on “The Great Leahy Dance-off

  1. Love it, love it love it!!! Miss you all so much… would love to catch up on Skype sometime.

  2. Oh my. That is so cool. She sure has the moves! Where were the pistols Mark? Cant believe how much Dylan is growing up, not a little baby anymore. Love it. Kxxx

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