Pages from my inspiration notebook

Everytime I see something I like I save a picture of it to my absolute favourite app, Evernote which syncs my notes from my mobile, computer and ipad and stores them on its gigantic fluffy cloud server in the sky.  It’s a very visual way of  keeping track of things as I’ve got hundreds of notebooks on topics like Photography, Business Ideas, Art, Inspiration, Kids Stuff, Writing, Fashion etc.

Anyway, since 2 of my cameras are on the blink,  I thought I’d share some of my favourite sayings from my “Inspiration” notebook:

So logical but yet profound. (Above pic from

I like to send the Mark Twain quote above to friends on their birthday…. A collection of quotes is so useful when you have writers block and need to send someone a birthday card or thank you note.

Quite existential.

I feel successful already!  (Above from

Oh so true.  I adore Oscar Wilde.  (Above from

Love this very chic note to self above.

On a side note, this has inspired a new weekend project – to do my own illustration of a favourite quote-

“Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” – George Bernard Shaw

I love this quote! And I’ll post a pic once I’m done….


(*I’ve tried to put the picture credits for the photos where I have them but some are missing so let me know if you know who to credit)

2 thoughts on “Pages from my inspiration notebook

  1. Hi honey I also have a little notebook like this – we should compare notes one day would be fun xxx

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