A forgotten day on Mills Beach

Just found all these old blog posts sitting in my drafts folder of my mailbox which I never got around to sending… Here is a salvaged memory of a late afternoon on Mills Beach in Mornington.

This was the first week of December last year when the Irishman was on a business trip to Sydney and I was alone with the kids on the Mornington Peninsula. I remember nearly going crazy having to deal with getting our country house back into shipshape after 6 months of our absence, chasing out the palm-sized huntsman spiders, dealing with a protesting Indonesian nanny who wailed about the 18 degree C “freezing cold” despite being bundled in 3 layers of woolens and asked for painkillers all day, and the kids who had turned absolutely feral on each other once school was out.

So that day I got fed up and bundled everyone into the car. The Indonesian nanny was most bemused and asked who was going to drive us as our chauffeur was in Singapore. I informed her that I was indeed capable of some manual skills and that it was I who was going to drive. At which she erupted into gales of laughter and proceeded to whip out her handphone to take a video of this unusual event – Maam Driving A Car. Such is the respect I engender from my employees….

Anyway off we went to Mills Beach in Mornington without a hitch. We normally go to the Westernport side beaches which are just a stones throw away but was good to do something different to break everyone out of their funk.

Oh I miss Dylan’s squishy butter stick thighs already! They seemed to have thinned out and become proper little girl legs recently…

Mama’s toes… I remember it was heaven to have warm sand under my feet while the sun set and the air turned crisp….



Soon it got too chilly for me and we made a dash for fish & chips at The Rocks, a lovely little restaurant in a shack overlooking the pier.

It was so nice to discover these forgotten photos and remember this not super-special but perfectly-ordinary day with the possums which started with tears and fights and ended up with all of us riding back home at sunset with sand on the soles of our feet and ice cream in our tummy.

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