Messing about with a sprinkler on a hot afternoon

Flashback to last month. It was a hot lazy afternoon in Merricks North. The Irishman turned on the sprinklers and Finn had the bright idea of improvising a Ned Kelly style suit of armour comprising of a plastic container helmet (yes there are holes in it to avoid asphyxiation… ) and a umbrella shield to wage war with the sprinklers with.


* Dylan and the Irishman thought it was hilarious to see little Rascal Finn drive his tractor at full speed through the water and Finn really hammed it up for the audience…

The Irishman claims Finn has his Silly Genes. I’m not going to dispute this! Their latest game is “Sandwich is the answer” where you try to work the word Sandwich into the answer for any question. E.g. “Why is the sun so hot?” “To warm your sandwich!” or “How do typhoons work?” “Well… you take a sandwich of hot air and cold air….” I have No Idea why the Irishman and Finn find this so hilarious.

Art installation on the lawn…

Then Finn found the hose and managed to give my Leica a good hosing which is when the photo taking ended. Thank goodness for sturdy German engineering, the camera was fine after it spent two days drying out under a radiator…

It’s a sunny afternoon in Singapore as well but there’s just not the same chilled out vibe. Something to do with the workers banging away renovating a house next door, the pervasive presence of the two maids in our house (who are always ready to pounce on the kids as soon as they get a naughty glint in their eyes despite my telling them to just let the kids be), the oppressive humidity and grey skies. Sounds crazy when you’re in the tropics but I’m missing my Australian summer already!

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