A Random Day in the Life of The Crystal Bawl

8.30 The day starts when Finn jumps on my bed with a resounding PLOOF. Today’s random request before school is for me to print the map of Universal Studios which we visited last weekend. Minor Finn-whinge about going back to school which I handle in my usual fashion. “Yes Finn, Mama knows you don’t want to go to school. When I was a little girl sometimes I hated going to school too, but I always cheered up once I got there. Now off you go!”

Dylan toddles in to show me her hairstyle and is chuffed about school. She loves the social scene and her teachers adore her. These two could not be more different…

9.00 Kids go off to school with the driver. I’m not a morning person so I’d much rather do the school pick up than the drop off.

9.30 a.m. Shower & dress. Have a breakfast of a coconut and some yoghurt and my cocktail of supplements. I’m addicted to coconut juice. It’s so healthy and hydrating. In Singapore I have them everyday. In Australia my equivalent is avocados but you can’t for love or money get good avocados in Singapore. They’re either aggressively hard or obscenely mushy with weird strings in them.

I love my office in the morning when the sun is reflecting off the pool and casting dancing glints of light everywhere. I check emails on computer and form my to-do list. I’m a list nerd and love Opus Domini and Evernote apps on my computer to keep everything organised.

Read news on the markets on bloomberg, review our equities portfolio, put in trades. The markets are on fire now so I’m trading high beta stocks very actively. If the markets are sluggish and illiquid I just monitor and tweak my core positions.

11.00 a.m. Meeting with a lawyer in town about non-disclosure agreements for my company, Legacy Process.

12.00 p.m. Review equities orders on the way to lunch – minor changes to trade prices as the market is moving away from my trades.

12.30 p.m. Lunch with some girlfriends at a new restaurant, Tong Le Private Dining, which is on the top of a tower and revolves while you’re eating. The view of the CBD is great but the revolving is most disorienting! Luckily the food is exquisite and I’m not facing the window…

3.00 p.m. The kids are back home and spill into my office with tales about their school day.

3.30 p.m. My fund manager friend Alan calls, we have a quick chat about the market in general – oil and gas mid-caps, commodities stocks, Myanmar… A lot of my old clients from my broking days are very close friends like Alan, and Inez whom I went to the Australian Open with, and it is great to have a sounding board since I’m not working in an office environment anymore.

Work from home. Lots of random things to do. Emails to business partners. Tweaking the business model with new cost estimates. Sending revised renovation plans for our Australian house in the country to the architects.

And also Finn’s birthday party to plan! Right now he’s obsessed with volcanos so I have hired a Children’s Science company to do a volcano themed birthday party which includes dry ice experiments, slime making and a chocolate fondant birthday cake with erupting jello lava. Sounds messy!

This is my cluttered desk. The weird rusty brown twisty thing is a piece of train track that the Irishman and Finn salvaged from the Singapore – Malaysia railroad tracks near our house when the train service ended. The brass cat was a junk store find and holds rolls of sticky tape on his arse. The little crystal bowl holds memory cards and electronic security tokens. I also have lots of other rock crystals on the table for good hippie vibes.

5.00 p.m. Quick swim with the kids. The weather is lovely and hot, such a change from the endless rain we’ve experienced in the past month.

To the kids delight, the pool guy is cleaning the pool and they get to play with the vacumn robot thing.

Dylan has had enough and is demanding ice-cream.

5.30 p.m. Everyone gets into the tub for a bubble bath. Finn decides to turn on the jacuzzi but he jumps out of the bath as soon as the bubbles start, which makes the water level drop to the level of the water jets and the water starts spurting every where, up the walls and windows like a car wash. Dylan has the hysterics and has to be towel sausaged out of the bathroom pronto. Sigh. So much for a relaxing bath!

5.45 p.m. Dinner time with babies. I love to see Dylan scarf down her food, she’s a great eater. Finn is a bit pickier, but he’ll eat most things if you give him a story behind it. Now he’s eating lots of fish because he thinks its brain food and mushrooms, because of Super Mario.

6.00 – Pilates reformer session with my perky trainer Song at Pilates Flow near my house. I do 2 sessions a week normally otherwise my waist decides to AWOL. It’s made a world of difference to my posture and abs which were in dodgy shape after the 2 cesarean operations I’ve had.

7.30 – Back home and it’s bedtime stories for everyone.

The kids sleep pretty early, European style. They are normally in bed by 8 p.m. latest and that means that we get more grown up time in the evening.

8.30 Dinner with the husband. He’s in town only 40% of the time on weekdays so when he’s around we always have dinner dates.

We’re at the Tippling Club tonight, which we haven’t revisited for years. The chef is a really intense, interesting guy and the food is always full of unexpected layered flavour profiles. Look at these beautiful handmade edible wafer leaves that we were served with our cheese course! They’re like little works of art.

This cocktail sounded intriguing….

11.00 Bath & complicated multi-stage cleanse & slather routine with creams, unguents and whirring devices.

11.30 Someone said that you should always try to go to bed at the same time as your husband. You’ll either get more talk, more sex or more sleep…. I think that’s pretty good advice but alas the Irishman is sound asleep by the the time I’m done creaming my face. Time for reading and journalling in bed. Solitary pleasures are a mother’s indulgence. 🙂

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