A long tennis weekend…

We flew back to Melbourne for the weekend just to watch the Australian open Men’s finals as our friend Inez managed to get us some great tickets, courtesy of the kind folks at Lacoste. Here we are earning our fare!

I loved the sky blue carpet, I felt like a smurf!

Even the birds decided to come and watch.

It turned out to be a really epic nearly 6 hour long battle between Djokovich and Rafa, and it was unbelievable how they were serving at 200 kmh all the way till the end. The stuff of legends.

It started pouring in the middle of the match and all these well trained ball boys and girls ran out and started mopping the floor. It was quite amusing to see the juxtaposition of manual labour beside all the sophisticated gadgetry of the court with the electronic speed camera, the spider video cam which swoops down from the ceiling of the arena suspended from computerised cables and tracks the players like a robot…

Poor Rafa, the whole stadium was rooting for him, but Djoko was just too consistent and machine like.

It was my first time watching tennis and I couldn’t have picked a better match. Thanks to Inez and Frank for organising such a magical trip!

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