Tasting our 2011 Cable Car Pinot…

We had the pleasure of being invited to dinner at David & Wendy’s of Eldridge Estate. These are the guys who make our wine and to whom we are eternally grateful for saving our suicidal vines…

One of David’s newest toys. Love the license plate “PINOT 7”…

We snuck down to the wine cellar before dinner to taste our 2011 Cable Car Estate Pinot Noir which has been percolating for about 7 months now in the barrel.

Expectations were not super high as last year was super rainy and practically no one had a good harvest being plagued by mould and fungus.

Here’s the important moment…..

Verdict? A little too early to tell but it’s certainly drinkable if a little more “beaujolaisy” than the 2010. It’s a good length but quite single note-ish unlike the more complex and smoky 2010.

Lots of musty bottles of good stuff here.

And for dinner we got to enjoy a Cabernet Shiraz from the year that I was born along with some very good home cooking courtesy of Wendy. Thanks guys!

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