Family lunch at Tucks Ridge

Tucks Ridge is one of our top three favourite places to take kids for lunch on the Peninsula – the other two being Box Stallion and Montalto. It’s got a sandpit for the small ones, a big lawn, nice outdoor deck and some decent kid-friendly grub.

The little Panny Lumix camera I normally use ran out of batteries so I brought along the Leica M9 instead. It’s been woefully underused because it weighs a ton and is that much more fiddly to use the manual rangefinder when your subjects are lightning-speed kids. But it was actually a lot of fun to practice manual focusing and the pictures turned out reasonably well.

* The kids have, for some strange reason, decided that it is fun to stroke bumble bees, against our stern warnings about the consequences of bee-fondling…

We recently got them these genius little take-along wooden box sets from Tiger Tribe which open up to reveal a dollhouse (for Dylan) and a train set (for Finn). They’re really well made and easy on the eye as well. Santa did well…


Dylan sure loves her ice-cream. No calcium worries, this girl!


It’s tempting to always use the spray-and-pray super-fast focus mommy cam, but I’m making a resolution to break out the Leica more and take less photos but better ones. Hello first resolution of 2012!

3 thoughts on “Family lunch at Tucks Ridge

    • Yes, my favourite store!!! I’ve also got a post with Dylan wearing her peacock feather outfit here title=””>

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