The last magic of 2011

It was 2 days before New Year’s Eve when we got a text reading “New Year’s Eve picnic at the Tuttons. Bring a plate and waterguns for the kids”.

Smashing! We had won again in the Peninsula game of “Chicken” where everyone crosses their fingers and waits for someone to crumble and host the annual New Year’s Eve Marathon Pisser… I mean Party.

You may have remembered our friends the Tuttons from their legendary Valentine’s Day party (see

We crossed our fingers and hoped for good weather.

On the day itself, the Peninsula conjured up the most perfect breezy 20 degree idyll you could wish for. Cool enough to wear a jacket but balmy enough to make water gun fights quite apropos.

The vibe was rustic chic – hay bales for seating, a beautiful french linen draped table and Mr. T himself manning the barbie. Heaven!

Everyone was in high spirits, what with the beautiful weather, great food and the gorgeous surroundings. Tony went about asking everyone to check out his mussels, which seemed quite out of character until we realised he was referring to the shellfish he had bought off a pier in Flinders.


The kids were kept busy arranging elaborate water fight battle simulations against the theatrical background of the “castle ruins” (a half-constructed folly) on the property.


Sharing a special moment with Dylan. Sometimes she wants to be cuddled and at other times she wants to strap on a water gun and run with all the noisy boys…


A truly magical night which will be seared in our memories for a long time, thanks to the Tuttons and everyone else for the last and best party of 2011…

2 thoughts on “The last magic of 2011

  1. I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year in Melbourne (a lot more glamorous than mine!) : ) – we’re also heading down to the beach tomorrow (Inverloch) for a couple of days to see some friends which will be great. Enjoy the rest of your time here. Cx

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